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Serbia’s public debt is falling again

The draft law on the budget of the Republic of Serbia for 2021 has entered the parliamentary procedure.
Along with the Draft Law on Budget, there were also proposals for decisions on approving the financial plan of the Republic Pension and Disability Insurance Fund, the Republic Health Insurance Fund, as well as the Social Insurance Fund for Military Insured Persons, as well as the financial plan of the National Employment Service for the next year.
Yesterday, the Government of Serbia adopted the Draft Law on the Budget of Serbia for 2021, which envisages total revenues and receipts of the budget in the amount of 111.1 million euros, which is an increase of 5 billion euros in relation to the estimated amount of revenues for 2020.
From January 1, the budget envisages an increase in pensions according to the Swiss formula of 5.9 percent, minimum wages by 6.6 percent, as well as an increase in salaries of healthcare employees by 5 percent, permanent employees in the public sector by 3.5 percent, and then from April 1, 2021, the total increase for them will be 5 percent.
The budget for 2021 envisages total expenditures and expenses in the amount of 12,623.8 million euros, it was announced after the government session.
The projected deficit in 2021 amounts to three percent of GDP, while the public debt at the level of the general government is decreasing and will remain at the level of 58.7 percent until the end of the year, Srbija Danas reports.