Serbia’s public debt will exceed 30 billion euros

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The Freedom and Justice Party (SAA) warned today that Serbia’s public debt will exceed 30 billion euros this year, which is why the current government, according to the SAA, “will go down in history as a government that owed the country more than all previous ones together.”

The president of the SAA Committee for Economy and Finance, Dusan Nikezic, accused the government of “quickly and safely” leading Serbia towards debt slavery.

“In July 2012, you inherited a public debt of 45.4 percent of GDP, and the debt of 78 percent of GDP was incurred by you, until December 2015, three and a half years after coming to power,” Nikezic stated.

He assessed that the entire economic policy, from helping citizens, through subsidies to foreign companies, to Chinese infrastructure projects, is based “exclusively on excessive borrowing”, which, as he said, will inevitably lead to a public debt of 50 billion euros, Beta reports.