Serbia’s subsidies have raised the demand for PVC carpentry

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State subsidies for the replacement of carpentry have further increased the demand for PVC carpentry and we expect that this will be a trend in the coming years, says Vladimir Marinkovic, general manager of the Kragujevac company Sunce Marinkovic, known in the industry of energy efficient aluminum and PVC carpentry. This company is celebrating its 100th birthday in a few years.
“In all the cities where we applied, our family company was selected as a group of qualified manufacturers of energy-efficient carpentry, for which citizens can receive subsidies,” says the director of this family company, which produces and sells more than 30,000 windows, doors and sliding systems.
In addition to carpentry, Sunce Marinković also sells blinds and mosquito nets, and in addition to the domestic market, they also sell their goods in Germany, Austria, France, Australia, Norway, etc.
Suppliers of materials from which aluminum and PVC windows and doors are made have increased their prices on several occasions this year.
“Some price increases were double-digit. This applies to all products made of aluminum, PVC, steel and glass. When energy prices, the value of labor, as well as the associated costs are added, it is clear why some products are up to 30 percent in relation to this period last year,” says Marinković.
In addition, most other manufacturers in the industry complain about delays, order restrictions, or incomplete deliveries.
Marinkovic adds that they were “lucky” when choosing a supplier.
“I primarily mean our producers of PVC profiles and fittings, so we felt very little lack of raw materials on the market. It would mean a lot to us that market prices stabilize over the next year. However, there is every chance that we such turbulent prices are expected in the next three to five years,” says Marinkovic.
Thanks to the architects, the windows and doors are no longer exclusively in white. According to him, Western trends are slowly coming to the domestic market.
“Carpentry in various wood decors with as large glass surfaces and energy-efficient glass is something that is already a standard program for our company. If we talk about tastes, I am personally glad that customers try to apply minimal industrial when renovating buildings and renovating apartments,” says Marinkovic.
Although in its infancy, the digitalization of the use of carpentry, as he says, through sensors and various applications, is a trend that will inevitably come to the Balkans.
It is interesting that this family company was founded in 1929 as a small family craft shop for making locksmith and the founder Aleksandar Marinković was a famous locksmith.
The company was named after the symbol of the Sun that was placed on the “stone bridge” in the center of Kragujevac, and which was forged in the “Marinkovic” workshop, Nova Ekonomija reports.