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SIEPA: More projects on the way


Two well-known European companies will announce within the next few weeks their plans for investments in Serbia, SIEPA CEO Bozidar Laganian announced.

The two companies between them are expected to invest around €100 million. He told Beta news agency that those companies were “leaders of their respective industries,” but he did not want to reveal their names.

Laganin also stressed that the Austrian juice manufacturer Rauch planned to have a mash and concentrate factory built in Serbia. That project, as he pointed out, is significant for agriculture because such factory purchases the highest second and third categories of fruits used in the production of juices, which ensures good sales for local manufacturers. As Laganin added, Rauch will be using incentives granted by SIEPA in the construction of the new factory, as it did when it first opened a fruit juice bottling plant in Koceljeva.

According to Laganin, the interest of investors in Serbia is noticeably higher this year as there are currently 83 projects in different phases of implementation. He added that this is very encouraging and that he expects this growth trend to continue in 2012.