Since 2018, Serbia is a world leader in attracting foreign direct investment

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The Financial Times magazine has twice in the last three years named Serbia the number one destination for attracting foreign investment, as well as the country that creates the most jobs from foreign direct investment per million inhabitants.
This is stated in this year’s report “Startup Genome”, which was presented in London yesterday.
When it comes to investing in the innovation and startup ecosystem, Serbia is rated as one of the leaders in creating conditions for attracting foreign capital to this sector, especially in the ecosystem of Belgrade and Novi Sad.
According to this report, the reasons for such a thing lie in the education system, operating costs and tax incentives.
Serbia is recognized as one of the most open countries for foreign startup companies and teams, which have been enabled 70 percent exemption from taxes and contributions. At the same time, the founders of startup companies in Serbia have the right to complete exemption from all payroll taxes during the first three years of operation.
Among the prominent tax incentives for innovation, the exemption from income tax on intellectual property produced in Serbia in the amount of 80 percent, then double calculation of research and development costs in tax calculation, as well as tax credit for investments in innovative startup companies in the amount of 30 percent.
The Serbian educational system is building an excellent engineering base in STEM areas, which enables young innovators to deal with new concepts and business models related to the most modern technologies.
The report points out that programming was introduced as part of the compulsory program from the fifth grade of primary school, as well as that more than 35 high schools in Serbia have specialized IT departments that implement programs for the most talented students. In addition, the report states, more than 80 high schools in Serbia specialize in computer science and electrical engineering.
Gaming and blockchain
In the “Startup Ginom” report, the subsectors in Serbia that stand out in terms of their development and potential are gaming and blockchain.
Also, the report especially highlights the recent results of our startup companies in these areas, B92 reports.