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Slovak Tatravagonka invests €3 million in Subotica-based Bratstvo – Commencement of export of railway cars to European countries

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An agreement that binds Tatravagonka to invest at least €3 million in Subotica-based Bratstvo and launch production of railway cars that will be exported to Germany, Russia, Austria and other European countries was signed on November 5 in Bratislava.

The agreement was signed in the presence of Serbian Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Mladjan Dinkic who expressed satisfaction with the fact that the arrival of Tatravagonka would save the factory in Subotica, while its employees would be guaranteed work.

– Bratstvo was in a desperate situation because the previous privatization was unsuccessful. The state then temporarily took over the factory in order to find an adequate strategic partner, which Tatravagonka certainly is – Dinkic pointed out.

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The tender for the sale of Bratstvo was announced in June 2010.

Tatravagonka offered €5.4 million for the property of Bratstvo and promised to invest €3 million in the company and keep all the workers.

Dinkic opened business forum “Serbia – the right place for investment” on October 5 in Bratislava and presented the benefits of investment in Serbia on that occasion.


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