Spatial Plan for the HPP Bistrica is being prepared

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At the session last Thursday, the Government of Serbia made a decision on the development of the Spatial Plan of the special purpose area on which the reversible hydroelectric power plant Bistrica and the hydroelectric power plant Potpeć will be built.

The deadline for drafting that document is 12 months from the day the decision enters into force, and the funds will be provided by the Public Company Electric Power Industry of Serbia. The holder of the drafting is the ministry in charge of spatial planning, the business portal eKapija announced. The plan refers to parts of the municipalities of Nova Varos, Priboj and Prijepolje.

The upgrade of the reversible hydroelectric power plant Bistrica with the Clark dam, as well as the possibility of increasing production by upgrading HPP Potpeć, was envisaged by the Law on Spatial Plan of RS from 2010 to 2020. is that the construction of reversible hydropower plants will significantly increase the technically available potential of renewable energy sources, due to the expansion of the possibility of balancing power in the system, Danas reports.

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