Stable trading on the Product Exchange this week

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In the week behind us, trading on the Novi Sad Product Exchange remained at the levels from the end of July. The prices of cereals did not record major changes compared to the previous week, while the prices of oilseeds recorded an increase.

On the international market, it is certain that in the coming period, geopolitics will have a significant impact on the movement of food prices in the world, which continues to complicate planning for a longer period of time.

A total of 4,743 tons of goods were traded on the Product Exchange (-0.4 compared to the previous week), while the financial value reached RSD 196,622,580.00 (+0.50 percent).

On the corn market, there is a higher supply compared to demand. From the middle of the week, the market completely calms down and there is no demand. Sales contracts were concluded in the price range from 34.70 din/kg to 35.00 din/kg without VAT. The weighted price was 34.80 din/kg without VAT (38.28 din/kg with VAT). Although the price has stabilized, statistically corn is 2.2 percent more expensive compared to the previous week.

Wheat offers at the very beginning of the week were weak and at higher price levels than demand. As the week progressed, the quantities offered with prompt delivery increased. The structure of customers was mainly made up of traders. Sales contracts were concluded in the price range from 36.00 to 36.20 din/kg without VAT. Compared to the data from the previous week, the price of wheat increased by 0.25 percent.

Compared to the previous week, the price of soybeans recorded an increase due to the uncertainty of the quality and yield of the new crop and the absence of the supply of last year’s crop. Realization of exchange contracts on FCA ranged from 78.00 to 80.60 dinars/kg without VAT, with quality calculation. The weight was 79.11 din/kg (78.02 din/kg with VAT), which is an increase of 3.0 percent, Biznis reports.