Stanojevic: We have enough oil and gas

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Oil is coming to Serbia from the Middle East and that direction is not endangered by the conflicts in Ukraine, and we also have our reserves of oil and oil derivatives and there is no indicator for which a crisis plan should be launched, said special adviser to the Minister of Mining and Energy Petar Stanojevic.

Speaking as a guest on RTS, he stated that, when it comes to gas supply, the market in Serbia is completely safe due to the agreement that exists with Gazprom, and there is no fear that oil suppliers will stop deliveries.

Stanojevic stated that we have diesel and gasoline in two months, we have fuel oil in five to six months, and kerosene in approximately four months, provided that the supply is disabled, which is not the case now.

There are crisis plans when it comes to the supply of oil and gas, and we are far from activating them, because there are no indicators of entering a crisis situation, Stanojevic said.

He added that a session of the Working Group for Monitoring the Security of Energy and Energy Supply was held today, and it was said that both the Belgrade power plants and the heating plants of Serbia function without problems.

Stanojevic also said that the production of electricity is growing, which is why imports have been significantly reduced compared to a month ago, and stated that the problems caused by the crisis in Ukraine do not affect the energy market in Serbia, Danas reports.