Subsidies for new fiscal cash registers

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The Minister of Finance of Serbia, Siniša Mali, announced a new deadline for state subsidies intended for taxpayers for the transition to the new fiscalization model, which will last from March 15 to April 5, so that all those who did not apply earlier could receive state aid, transmitted by eKapija.

“I urge everyone who did not apply for subsidies to do so now,” said Mali, adding that there is money in the budget for subsidies, that everything was paid on time and in dinars, and that it will be the same with those who apply in the next period.

He reminded that the rule from May 1 applies to all those who should be obliged to the new system, that they must have new cash registers and devices and work completely according to the new system, and that all obligors can choose between 200 software and hardware solutions.

The previous deadline by which taxpayers could apply for subsidies for the new fiscalization was January 31 this year, Nova Ekonomija reports.

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