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Supply in Serbia is regular, there is no shortage of food

Supply in Serbia continues today, retail stores are well filled and there is no shortage of basic food items.
This was stated by the secretary of the Association of Commerce of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Zarko Malinovic, who added that there was a slight decrease in demand compared to the weekend, which was record.
He said it was agreed to put a significant portion of the retail network in the supply function of our oldest fellow citizens, on Sundays from 4 to 7 p.m.
“It is important that during this period only the oldest fellow citizens come to retail stores. We will, in cooperation with other competent authorities, very much insist on this”, he said.
He also said that there should be no stockpiling, that it would be enough for everyone.
“Small stores and retail chains provide the SCC what part of the network and what stores they will operate. We will do a clear analysis to make supply available to everyone”, he said.
He also said it was important that everyone in the supply chain from small bakeries and dairies could be able to carry out their business function and deliver goods to retail outlets overnight, B92 reports.