Tabaković: Citizens should not worry about savings in banks

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Citizens should not worry about savings and stability of the banking system, NBS Governor Jorgovanka Tabaković said today, estimating that the Government of Serbia is doing everything to provide the population with sufficient quantities of basic foodstuffs at prices that are acceptable.

“With its measures, the Serbian government is significantly helping the NBS to maintain stability by providing basic foodstuffs. Serbia has provided its citizens to preserve human potential,” Tabakovic told TV Pink.

She said that the NBS keeps the exchange rate under control and added that citizens should not worry about the amount of the exchange rate, and whether there is enough foreign exchange.

“The reserves of the NBS are high, at the end of 2021, there were 16.3 billion euros of foreign exchange reserves, of which 13 billion were our net foreign exchange reserves, and all that is in the NBS vaults,” said Tabaković.

She also said that the control of exchange offices throughout Serbia was strengthened during this period, and stated that two transactions for one person in the amount of 137,000 euros were performed in one exchange office in Novi Sad.

“100,000 euros were sold to one man and another transaction of 37,000 euros was made. Anyone who does not have a recording of that transaction and precise data on who raised so much money, that exchange office will be closed,” Tabaković pointed out.

She stressed that those who break the law must be punished, RTV reports.