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Telekom Austria, Deutsche Telekom and France Telekom bought tender documentation for Telekom Srbija

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Serbian Minister of Telecommunications and Information Society Jasna Matic stated today that three global telecommunication companies had purchased the tender documentation for the sale of 51% of Telekom Srbija to date.

– The documentation has so far been bought by Telekom Austria, Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom – Matic said to the press at the “Serbia‚Äôs Integration in Global economic Trends” conference.

The deadline for procurement of the tender documentation for bidding on the tender for purchase of the majority package of Telekom Srbija is November 26.

Ms. Matic pointed out she was satisfied with the interest of potential buyers in purchasing the shares of Telekom Srbija.

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She said she was not familiar with whether an agreement had been reached with the minority co-owner, Greek OTE, on the sale of its package of 20% of shares of Telekom Srbija.

According to earlier announcements from the Government of Serbia, if OTE sells its package, the Government will sell only 31% of shares of Telekom Srbija.

Serbian Ministry of Finance announced on October 20 the tender for sale of 51% of shares of Telekom Srbija, of which total value is estimated at 2.43 billion euros. The Government of Serbia owns 80% of Telekom’s shares, while the remaining 20% are in the possession of Greek OTE, 30% of which are the property of Deutsche Telekom.

Telekom Srbija turned the profit of 13.3 billion dinars in 2009, which made it the company with the largest net profit in Serbian market.

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