The agreement between Serbia and Russia brings huge savings and security of gas supply

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Vučić stated in Sochi after the meeting with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, that Belgrade will pay for Russian gas at the same price as before, 270 dollars for 1,000 cubic meters, in the next six months.
After a private meeting and lunch with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Vučić said that it was an “incredible price”, since the price of gas on the stock exchange exceeds 1,000 dollars per 1,000 cubic meters, and added that Serbia also received an increase in the amount of gas in the coming years.
Vučić told Pink TV that Putin “showed exceptional friendship” with Serbia and added that he had talked to him about a long-term gas supply contract, but that he had no right to talk about the elements until the document was signed.
“I can only say two things, President Putin said that it would be a good solution and that we would be satisfied. And secondly, the elements we talked about tell us that we will have an exceptional price even after those six most difficult winter months. I believe in the price and the increase in volume, and flexibility,” Vučić added.
He said that Serbia, “thanks to Putin’s friendship”, saved more than 300 million euros, ie one national stadium, but that it also got security of supply.
“We had a crisis in the previous days, we consumed gas from Banatski Dvor faster. We had gas reserves for 15 days, this is how we solved the problem. This is a salvation for us. We will have no problems with electricity or gas, heating or overall supply. President Putin helped us a lot with his attitude,” Vučić said.
He stated that Putin accepted, even though the existing agreement is about to expire, to sell gas to Serbia under the same conditions, “in the winter months and when the price of gas is the highest in history.”
He added that it was his proposal that Putin accepted.
“I told you that I was not sure I would accept my proposal if I were Putin, but he accepted. It was more than fair, I said hats off and thank you very much,” stated Vučić.
Vučić announced that he would open a thermal power plant of the Pancevo heating plant together with Putin via video link in December, where between 300 and 350 million cubic meters of gas will be consumed annually.
“Thus, we get a significant resource for both heating and electricity generation,” said Vučić.
“People should know that the price on the stock exchange today is 1,064 dollars per 1,000 cubic meters, and we will in the next six months, when that price will certainly not be significantly lower, and the biggest consumption is coming, the coldest days, so we will pay 270 dollars. We will also have an increase in volume, we will also have flexibility, everything that someone can wish for us has been done in the next six months,” Vučić told RTS.
These are huge financial savings for Serbia, but it is not just a question of financial savings, it is security, stability, it is an invitation to investors to know that they are coming to a safe country where they do not have to worry about shortages of gas, electricity or anything.
Answering the question what happened after the expiration of six months, he said that they also discussed a long-term contract today: “We talked about the elements, about everything else. It remains for us to set it finally in the coming period. These are not easy negotiations, and I must not give details and it would not be fair to my host to give them, but what is important – we will not be dissatisfied, on the contrary, I would say that we will be satisfied with that. ”
Double standards and strategic document
When asked what the Kremlin thinks about the statements of political leaders, including Albin Kurti’s constant calls for the unification of the so-called Kosovo and Albania, he answered that they also talked about it in a friendly manner.
And we understand each other well. I spoke about double standards about often hypocrisy in international relations, President Putin recognizes that and understands well what I am talking about, but he asked me for additional explanations, so we talked about the north of Kosovo, and showed it to him on the map. We talked about everything else, we talked about the region. I have listened to and learned from him many other things related to global politics, so there is a high level of agreement in international forums, international institutions and organizations between our two countries.
Vučćić also announced the signing of a document on strategic-economic relations between the two countries, Danas reports.