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The American Brighton Park Fund invested 140 million USD to domestic HTEC Group - Serbia Business

The American Brighton Park Fund invested 140 million USD to domestic HTEC Group

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This is the first round of investment in the HTEC Group and as such is one of the largest in Europe last year, confirming the global competitiveness of our technology sector and validating HTEC’s growth strategy.

HTEC Group, a company for high-tech consulting, software engineering and digital product development, of Serbian origin with a global presence, today announced a partnership with US investor group Brighton Park Capital (BPC), which will invest $ 140 million in global growth.

The agreement between the two companies was reached just a month after HTEC Group announced the acquisition of Momentum Design Lab, a Silicon Valley product design study.

Brighton Park’s $ 140 million minority investment in HTEC is one of the largest first investment rounds in Europe last year, and was aimed at enabling HTEC to continue expanding its product design and engineering capacity through further strategic acquisitions, as well as investing in parallel. into organic growth through the opening of new offices in the region and the employment of the best engineering staff.

As before, the company will continue to invest in employee development through unique career development programs for engineers, designers, managers and other experts, enabling them to work through challenging projects in cooperation with the world’s best companies, working from Serbia and other countries in the region, build their careers.

“With a strong engineering base and technology development centers across Southeast Europe, with design and consulting offices in London, New York and Silicon Valley, HTEC combines the best of engineering expertise on the one hand with creativity and innovation on the other, making us strategically important partner to our clients. We have the experience and capacity to bring out the complete process of digital transformation with the conceptualization, design and development of digital products. Our plan is to support organic growth through selective acquisitions in order to attract the best engineers and designers of digital products, and thus create great career opportunities for all our people, and on the other hand provide the highest quality service and give more value to our customers. We see HTEC as a place where the best talents reach their maximum potential “, said Aleksandar Čabrilo, one of the founders and CEO of HTEC Group.

HTEC also says that the investment of this scale testifies to the success, quality of service and value that the company brings to its clients, as well as the trust of global investors in the expertise of our leaders and IT experts to take the lead on the world technology scene.

“The Brighton Park team is impressive, personal reputation, credibility in the industry and previous experience of all team members is what primarily motivated us to enter into this partnership. A deep understanding of the industry and an entrepreneurial approach to investing really make them a true strategic partner that is much more than an investor. I am happy that Mark Dzialga and Kevin Megan will join us on the company’s board of directors and I am sure that together we will build HTEC into one of the most successful technology consulting companies in the world “, added Aleksandar Čabrilo.

“Combining sophisticated engineering with the best product innovation and design, HTEC has worked strategically to position itself as a global leader in digital product development. We are very happy to be able to support a company that provides such opportunities to the growing technological talent in Europe and we look forward to using our industry expertise to help the company grow further and provide its services to even more leading global companies, ”he said. Mark Dzialga, partner at Brighton Park.

At the moment, HTEC Group has over 250 open positions and actively employs over 70 experts per month in the areas of product consulting, design and engineering at all its locations.