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Home/News/The Belgrade Metro and Train company is seeking a geotechnical study to build the first line of Belgrade Metro

The Belgrade Metro and Train company is seeking a geotechnical study to build the first line of Belgrade Metro

Public company Belgrade Metro and Train has announced a public call for geotechnical study for the preliminary design for construction of the first phase of the first metro line.
According to the tender documentation, two lines of the Belgrade Metro are defined based on the Preliminary Feasibility Study with the General Project. The study analyzed the variant solutions of phase construction for both lines.
Line 1 is 21.2 km long with 22 stops. The report on the engineering-geological-geotechnical construction conditions that is the subject of this public procurement refers to the first phase of construction of Line 1 of the Belgrade Metro, from Zeleznik station to Karaburma station, 16.7 km long with 17 stations.
The first phase consists of 2.3 km of section with 3 stations, 2.8 km of section with 2 stations cut and cover and 11.6km of section 12 underground with tunnel (TBM, NATM) with 12 stations .
Geotechnical documentation should define all engineering-geological and geotechnical conditions for the purpose of designing the preliminary design for the construction of the first phase of the first metro line. Within the laboratory geomechanical testing of the soil, it is necessary to provide for the execution of all tests necessary for defining the geotechnical conditions for the construction of the subway.
– The main purpose of the documentation is to define the condition and properties of the terrain and rock masses, as well as the created conditions in the terrain that will be achieved during the implementation of the metro system, and on the basis of which it will define geotechnical conditions and recommendations for the construction of the future metro line for the level of preliminary design – the tender states.
The documentation should cover the terrain with the basic route and the corridor in the width of 100 m, 50m to the left and right of the axis of the route. For the preparation of geotechnical documentation, an analysis of the results of all existing geological surveys within the corridor of the first phase of the first metro line should be carried out, as well as all documentation that dealt with similar or the same terrains through which the first phase of the first metro line will pass. Additional exploratory work is mandatory at locations of future metro stations as well as parts of the route that are not sufficiently “covered” by previous surveys or in which the complexity of the geological structure necessitates additional clarifications.
The bidding documentation requires, among other things, that the depths of the exploratory wells should be designed at least 10 meters below the lower corner of the tunnel structure of metro sections, and locally depending on the geotechnical terrain model, and especially at locations where metro stations are planned, at least 15 meters below the lower cell structure angles. Perform all the work in detail required for the conceptual design.
– For sections between stations, to plan the maximum distance between wells of 150 meters on the section from the planned position of the tunnel portal in White Waters to the station “Most na Adi”. For the rest of the sections between stations, plan 200 meters for the maximum distance between the wells. The exact location of the wells should be determined on the basis of a detailed geophysical examination of the terrain between the two stations – it is written in a public invitation.
All bidders who fulfill the conditions required in the public invitation have the right to participate in the tender.
The bid criteria is the lowest price offered. The deadline for submission of bids is February 25 by 11:30 am and their public opening will take place on the same day starting at 12 noon, eKapija reports.