The construction of a water factory in Serbia worth 11.4 million euros has begun

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The construction of a water factory has started in Kikinda. The total project for the water factory in Kikinda will cost 11.4 million euros. The first phase costs 9.6 million euros. Of that, the German development bank KFW finances 6 million (30% as a donation and 70% as a loan). The grace period is until 2022. The remaining 3.5 million euros was provided by the Government of Serbia and the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure.
The contractors for the design and construction of the water factory in Kikinda have already been introduced to the work, and the deadline of 828 days or two years and three months for the completion of the work has begun.
The counter-guarantee of the member of the international consortium was given by Uniha wasser technologie GMBH, an internationally recognized company, which amounts to half a million euros, which additionally ensures the quality of the water purification technology, according to JKP Kikinda.
The second phase of works will include the reconstruction of the administrative building, access roads and additional infrastructure.
The third phase presents works on the sludge lagoon and installation of diesel generators.
The water factory will be located at the Sumica water intake, on the left side, after the roundabout and the entrance to Kikinda. It will be 120 to 150 meters long. It will have large pools, with a capacity of 3,500 tons, and during the summer months, the citizens of Kikinda will no longer have problems with pressure reduction or water loss, eKapija reports.