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The construction of an agricultural complex near Sombor is planned

The Department of Spatial Planning, Urban Planning and Construction of the Sombor City Administration announced early public insight into the material for the elaboration of the Detailed Regulation Plan for the construction of an agricultural complex in the Stanisic Municipality.
According to the document, early public inspection will last until February 7 at the Sombor City Administration Building, and the plan implies that, to the north of Sombor, an agricultural complex will be built on an area of nearly 1,100 hectares.
The total area of the area covered by the Plan boundary is approximately 1,091.8 ha. The complex will include farms, ponds, cold stores, silos, bio-gas plants, solar power plants, wind farms, etc.
The study stated that the basic reason for the development of the Plan was the investors’ need for a new space organization, in order to enable the construction of facilities in the function of agricultural production and associated facilities.
According to the documentation, the area is reached via a local road connecting the settlements of Stanisic and Aleksa Santic.
Currently, agricultural land is dominated by intersecting atar roads and amelioration canal. The conceptual solution of the agricultural land is divided into two units, and in unit 1 the construction of facilities in the function of primary agricultural production will be allowed.
This applies to ponds, farms, greenhouses…then, facilities in the function of agriculture (cold stores, warehouses, silos with garage dryers, baskets, barns, pantries, canopies, etc.) and utility and infrastructure facilities, reservoirs and facilities for the use of renewable energy sources (bio-gas plants, solar power plants, wind farms, etc.).

As a whole, construction of farms, fruit and wine growing facilities and facilities for mineral exploitation will be allowed.
The construction of three types of farms is envisaged – one with an accompanying economy for its own needs, one with enhanced agricultural production (dairies, farms, slaughterhouses…) and a tourist-catering type related to the existing agricultural production.
As for the transport infrastructure, the plan envisages that the local Stanisic-Aleksa Santic road will be classified as a municipal road, while the atar roads leading to the agricultural complexes on which the construction of the facilities is planned are envisaged for paving and widening, Dnevnik reports.