The damage in the air traffic of Serbia is greater than 70 million euros

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The damage in the air traffic of Serbia in the previous two months amounts to more than 70 million euros, and we hope to end the year with a loss in that sector of less than 200 million euros, despite the first estimates that the losses will be much higher – said the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport, Zorana Mihajlovic.
“Air Serbia” renewed commercial passenger traffic, and the first plane to Zurich was escorted by Minister Mihajlovic, and on that occasion she said that this branch of traffic was most endangered in the world and in Europe, as well as in Serbia. She said that the state would help “Air Serbia”, as well as that it was still being discussed, so that it could not be public yet.
– In the previous month, we have been looking at how to do it and what others are doing, as well as the state of the budget. We are thinking about all the variants and options – she stated.
When asked by journalists when the earlier contract for “Air Serbia” will be published, she said that it will be completely public when the Government of Serbia decides that the contract is no longer completely confidential.
She pointed out that “Air Serbia” did not receive any subsidies or state aid in 2019 because that is not allowed by law and European rules.
– We had lines of public interest and I hope that we will slowly open the airports in Nis and Kraljevo, these were not subsidies to “Air Serbia” but to citizens in Serbia and the region who used those lines. As things slowly open, we will see how we will open those two airports as well – she said.
She pointed out the importance of preserving the national airline, which managed to evacuate Serbian citizens around the world in difficult and crisis times and to help those who were returning to their countries, as well as to deliver humanitarian aid.
– When a state of emergency was declared, if Serbia did not have its own national airline, we would not be able to bring 15,000 people. No world company wanted to do that, nor would we transport foreign citizens to their countries – Zorana Mihajlovic pointed out.
Answering the questions of the journalists, the General Director of “Air Serbia”, Duncan Naysmith, said that they respect all regulations regarding the safety of passengers and that they are in constant communication with the regulatory bodies of other countries.
As for the middle seat, he says he does not know that any airline has adopted the middle seat to be empty.
“Our crew on the plane will be wearing a mask and gloves,” Naysmith said. – As for future destinations, it will depend on EU regulations, since the restrictions are now in force, which we hope will last until June 14. We now have 13 destinations and hope to expand.
He added that “Air Serbia” gives passengers the opportunity to rebook their tickets until December 2021, with a fee of ten percent.
He says that he will have a flight to New York on June 6, and that from June 13, “Air Serbia” plans to continue flying regularly twice a week.
When asked when “Air Serbia” will refund the money to passengers, Minister Mihajlovic said that “Air Serbia” will do it according to its policy with passengers and that even the largest airlines, which receive billions of aid from their countries, such as “Lufthansa”, they have not done so yet.
– I believe that “Air Serbia” will find a way to do that – she said, adding that in this situation we must be flexible, Kamatica reports.