The door is open for business with South Korean businessmen

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The South Korean business-state delegation will visit Belgrade in the coming months and discuss direct business and improvement of economic ties with Serbian businessmen and officials, President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC) Marko Cadez announced in Paris today.

Cadez and Minister of Trade Tatjana Matic talked with the delegation of South Korea about cooperation in the field of production of batteries for electric cars and cooperation of companies in the field of solar panels and systems, the PKS announced.

The possibilities of pork production and export were also discussed.

“We have great chances to exchange experience, knowledge and concrete jobs in the most advanced technologies with South Korean businessmen,” Cadez pointed out.

The South Korean delegation was led by Trade Minister An Duck Jun.

Speaking about the promotion of the candidacy of Serbia and Belgrade for the organization of the specialized world exhibition Expo 2027, he stated that Serbia had the most complete concept of all the candidates.

According to him, before the delegates of the General Assembly of the International Bureau for Exhibitions, Belgrade, domestic industry and economy and young people who will start the economy were presented.

He also said that there was great interest in Serbia as the only country on the European continent and among the 11 in the world, “which have compulsory programming in primary schools”.

“The second generation of small programmers is coming to an end, about 120,000 children who learned to program and become literate in the language of the future for four years in primary school,” said Cadez.

He emphasized that “it is something that is rare” and “that there are not many countries in the world”.

“In the years ahead, these children will start our economy, innovations, the creative industry will be led by our companies,” said Cadez.

He stressed that they “should be given a chance” and that was one of the messages.

According to Cadez, we have a year ahead of us to fight for the organization of a big event.

“Every Expo exhibition is a way not only to present the country but also to become a technological hub, because Belgrade is the largest economic center from Ljubljana to Tirana that connects people and businesses, which is both a concept and a message -” Belgarde Expo 2027 “- Play together” said Chadez.

He emphasized “that we live in a world and times that are changing dizzyingly”, and pointed out that “uncertainties are great” and that, as he stated, the better we adapt to changes, the better our chances of success.

“One of our advantages is that we are used to adapting, and that is what makes us special, perhaps the best example, to deal with the challenges that lie ahead,” he said, Novi Magazin reports.