The energy sector in Serbia must change, regardless of resistance

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Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlovic said today that Serbia must work on its energy security and build new capacities, regardless of the resistance and fear that always exists when big changes happen.

“Nobody says that renewable energy sources (RES) should be the dominant source, nor will the introduction of new capacities in the system be overnight, but we must change the structure of the energy mix, regardless of resistance. “Serbia is the only country in the world that has not built any electric power capacity for more than three decades, and that must change,” she told TV Prva.

“At the last session of the working plan for the integrated plan, there were 58 participants and we will continue to work with those who do not hinder changes in the energy sector.” “Neither the director of Srbijagas nor those who led to the collapse of the power system will decide on that,” said Mihajlović.

According to her, whether Serbia will have thermal power plants as the only source in the coming decades or change the structure of the energy mix and have renewable sources and gas power plants, including nuclear power plants, will be decided by everyone – professions, academies, faculties, NGOs, citizens.

“Regardless of all the resistance and fear that exists in some, changes in energy will happen and there will be no return to the old,” concluded Mihajlović, Nova reports.