The goal is for Serbia to be networked with roads

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As part of the new investment plan 2020-2025, Serbia will build new 500 kilometers of highways, said today the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Serbia and the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Zorana Mihajlovic.
She reminded that nine billion euros will be invested in road, railway, communal and social infrastructure, and stated that 230 kilometers of new highways are currently being built, such as the Moravian Corridor and the Sremska Raca-Kuzmin highway, which will connect Serbia with BiH.
Mihajlovic also reminded that the Sumadija corridor “Vozd Karadjordje” is planned, which will connect the central with western, southern and eastern Serbia, as well as the highway Pozega-Boljare, which will connect our country with Montenegro.
In addition to the high-speed railway that is being built from Belgrade to Budapest, the Belgrade-Nish high-speed railway will also be built, Mihajlovic said for TV Happy, and the office of the Deputy Prime Minister announced.
The Minister added that the goal of Serbia is to be networked with roads, and that one billion euros will be invested in highways, regional and local roads.
“The essence and vision of our policy is for people to stay and live in their places, and for investments to come easier and faster, and for that we need infrastructure. And it is, along with construction, the driver of economic development and GDP growth,” she said.
As she notes, the apartments that are being built for members of the security services will also contribute to the economic development, and Mihajlovic says that she made a proposal to expand the project to health and education workers, and that she expects the Government to adopt it.
The Deputy Prime Minister also reminded that air traffic is open, stating that it is important that we slowly return to a more normal life, but also that we continue to take care of our health.
She reminded that during the state of emergency, Air Serbia returned our citizens to the country, transported 15,000 foreign citizens and delivered all the necessary equipment and humanitarian aid, RTV reports.