The government has limited the price of fuel

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The Government of Serbia has prescribed that the maximum retail price of petroleum products Euro diesel and Euro premium BMB 95 is 179, ie 171 dinars per liter, it was announced after the Government session.

As it is stated, the members of the government adopted the Decree on limiting the price of petroleum products in order to prevent greater disturbance and preserve the living standard of the population, considering that in the previous period there was an increase in the price of these derivatives. other goods and services.

Let us remind you, the price of fuel in Serbia has risen again in the new year, so the price for certain fuels has gone up to 187 dinars per liter. When it comes to the region, Serbia is one of the countries where the price is the highest, so drivers from the west of Serbia often refuel in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Because of all this, the residents of Uba organized a protest in which they wanted to draw attention to the difficult situation in which the locals find themselves, especially farmers.

“The current situation can no longer be sustained. Now we have the price of fertilizer of one euro per kilogram, and in order to buy 100 kilograms of fertilizer, we should sell three acres of land. With those 100 kilos, we can cultivate even 50 acres, and that is “Nothing. I live only from agriculture and I have no other income, where can I pay for so much fertilizer”, Glisic was indignant, Nova writes.