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The government has temporarily limited the price of gas - Serbia Business

The government has temporarily limited the price of gas

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Today, the Government of Serbia passed the Decree on the temporary measure of limiting the price of gas and compensating for the differences in the price of natural gas procured from imports or produced in Serbia in case of disturbances on the natural gas market. The measure was adopted due to the global disturbance on the natural gas market and the sharp jump in the price of this energy source in the whole of Europe, in order to ensure secure supply to the Serbian market and protect the economy and citizens who are using this energy source.

As explained, the Decree aims to eliminate the consequences of the jump in the price of natural gas as a way to mitigate the consequences of the energy crisis in order to ensure a normal supply of all consumers with this energy.

Therefore, as stated in the statement, it was necessary for companies engaged in natural gas supply and wholesale supply to provide the right to compensation for the difference in the price of natural gas purchased from imports and the price of natural gas from imports used to calculate the price for further sales to suppliers, public suppliers and end customers for November 2021.

“Also, it was necessary to provide the right to compensation for the difference in the current price of natural gas produced in Serbia in relation to November 2021. “These energy entities are forced to import this fuel at a price many times higher than the price that was that month,” the Government stated, Beta reports.

At today’s session of the Government, the Conclusion on the need to form working groups to monitor the situation on the economic and financial market and a stable, continuous supply of food and energy was adopted. The members of the government also adopted the Conclusion on the consent to initiate the procedure for Serbia’s application for membership in the European Social Research of the European Consortium of Research Infrastructures.

The Government of Serbia also adopted an amendment to the Decree on the distribution of incentives in agriculture and rural development in 2022, in order to enable users to exercise their right to incentives as soon as possible, in order to more efficiently implement subsidies, ie harmonize with incentive payment dynamics.

The Conclusion on determining the basis for concluding the Agreement between the Government of Serbia and the Government of Angola on mutual abolition of visas for diplomatic and official passports was adopted, which is an important step towards creating more favorable conditions for further improvement of political relations and bilateral cooperation, Politika writes.