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The Government of Serbia has adopted the Program of Subsidies for Tourism

At today’s session, the Government of Serbia adopted the Program for the schedule and use of subsidies, transfers and grants intended for tourism development projects in 2021, and Minister Tatjana Matic welcomed the decision, assessing that it is important for the recovery and further development of the tourist center in Serbia.
As the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications announced, Matic pointed out that investments in infrastructure, promotion and education are key, not only for recovery, but also for accelerated reform of the tourism sector in the post-pandemic period.
She mentioned that one of the main goals of the Program is the promotion and improvement of the quality of tourist products, tourist destinations, as well as the improvement of the receptive tourist and catering offer.
The goals are to establish a regional balance of tourist traffic and a system for monitoring the results achieved in tourism, to establish a system of incentives for “green field” investments, to establish a system for development and sustainability of authentic tourist destinations through the integration of tourism in local communities, said Matic.
According to her, the focus is certainly on the development of infrastructure, protection of the environment and cultural and historical heritage in tourist areas, ie local and regional growth of competitiveness and quality in tourism.
The program envisages incentives for the construction of infrastructure and superstructure in tourist destinations in the amount of 5.5 million euros, and for projects of promotion, education and training in tourism, in the amount of 900 thousand euros, Dnevnik reports.