The IMF has improved its forecasts for Serbia

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The International Monetary Fund has increased Serbia’s gross domestic product growth forecast to 6.5 percent this year, which is 0.5 percentage points more than the IMF’s July projection.
In the new, autumn Report on the World Economic Outlook, the presentation of which is currently underway, the IMF predicts that Serbia’s growth will amount to 4.5 percent next year, and four percent in 2023.
According to the IMF forecast, the current account deficit of Serbia will amount to 4.1 percent this year, and in the next two years it will slightly increase to 4.4 and 4.6 percent, respectively.
The fund estimates that inflation in our country will amount to three percent this year, after which it will drop to 2.7 percent next year, while it sees the unemployment rate at 9.3 percent this year, BizLife reports.