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The investor of Belgrade Waterfront invested more than planned

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The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, said today that the media that criticize the company Belgrade Waterfront for operating at a loss should praise it because the investor invested more than planned.
“It is logical to lose when more is invested than anticipated, and instead of praising the fact that he invested a lot of money, they accuse him,” said Vucic.
He said that those media first wrote that the investor came to “pick up money and cream”.
“Next year, the company will make money,” said Vucic.
According to the media, the company Belgrade Waterfront had a loss of 2.7 million euros in 2020.
Two days ago, the company Belgrade Waterfront announced that it expects that its revenues in 2021 will be higher than 140 million euros, and that the expected profit is 25 million euros.
The company, whose majority owner is Eagle Hills from the United Arab Emirates, and the minority is the Government of Srnija, is building a residential and business complex on the right bank of the Sava in the center of Belgrade.
Let us remind you, the company Belgrade Waterfront reported a net loss of around 2.8 million euros last year. After two years of positive business, this company, which is 68 percent owned by the company Belgrade Waterfront from Abu Dhabi and 32 percent owned by the Republic of Serbia, has returned to minus, Danas reports.

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