The last trading day of the week on the Belgrade Stock Exchange was marked by a high turnover of dinar government bonds

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The total turnover on trading amounted to almost 865.2 million dinars (more than 7.3 million euros) and was almost entirely realized on the debt market.

The BELEKS 15 index fell 0.3 percent on a daily basis to 856.22 points, and on a weekly basis it lost 0.6 percent, while BELEKSline weakened by 0.1 percent to 1,776.47 points, with compared to last week in the minus by a third of a percent.

Today’s trading in shares is quite disappointing, which is confirmed by the fact that the highest turnover on the Open Market was just over 0.1 million dinars, and it was realized by shares of the Oil Industry of Serbia with a price drop of 0.8 percent to 613 dinars.

On the Multilateral Trade Platform (MTP), the agricultural company Feketić from Sombor was traded for approximately 0.4 million dinars at the unchanged price of 3,055 dinars. Shares of Belgrade’s Tehnohemija remained at the level of 250 dinars, and traded for 0.1 million dinars.

Foreign investors had a share of 28.53 percent in the total turnover on the stock market, 57.06 percent in the purchase, and did not participate in the sale.

The dinar government bond series RSO16142 recorded a turnover of 864.5 million dinars. The maturity of this paper is July 2023.