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The Ministry of Energy of Serbia claims that the supply of gas and oil is stable

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In Serbia, the supply of gas and oil is stable, although the prices of these energy sources on the European market continue to rise, the Ministry of Mining and Energy announced.
Petar Stanojevic, advisor to the line minister Zorana Mihajlovic, told Happy TV that Serbia will “have a stable supply of this energy”, although, as he reminded, the energy situation in the world is burdened by the political crisis between Russia and NATO over Ukraine.
He added that this leads to uncertainty on the European market and affects the growth of oil and gas prices, Stanojevic said.
He said that “increasing the reserves of gas, oil and oil derivatives in warehouses in Serbia is necessary in order to avoid crises caused in other countries in the future” affecting the stability of the domestic market.
He warned that if the crisis in Ukraine escalates, further growth of gas and oil prices on European markets can certainly be expected.
“We will have enough gas, because we get it through the Balkan Stream, and with the contract with Gazprom, we have a price that is lower than the market price,” he said.
He stated that Serbia “pays the market price for the additional quantities it imports due to high consumption.”
“We are importing oil from Iraq, and in that respect, there will be no problems in terms of supply,” he said.
According to him, Serbia has “renewed some gas reserves”.
“As far as oil and oil derivatives are concerned, we have reserves for 30 days, but in the future we must increase our capacities so that we can have control over prices,” Stanojevic pointed out.
He said that in addition to the unstable political situation in Ukraine, the price of oil and gas is also affected by the increase in demand in Europe.
According to him, the increase in prices is influenced by “structural problems related to insufficient research and investment in new sources in the world.”
He estimated that this will be a problem in the future as well.
“If we talk in the short term, gas and oil prices will certainly not fall until April,” he said.
He stated that price stabilization can be expected then.
“In the meantime, given that European warehouses are 40 to 50 percent full, in the case of icy days, we can expect further price increases,” he said, N1 reports.

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