The MP from Vladičin Han demands investment in animal husbandry and the opening of a dairy

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Participating in the debate on the rebalancing of the budget of the Republic of Serbia, Nenad Mitrović, deputy of the Democratic Party (DS) from Vladičin Han, demanded with an amendment that 61 million euros be invested in animal husbandry in the south of Serbia and the opening of a dairy.

– I reminded the Minister of Agriculture how it was in Vladičin Han just ten years ago. Then we imported 250 pregnant heifers from Austria. When this government started to govern Serbia, we lost both heifers and about 3,000 inhabitants in this area. To prevent that from happening, I proposed that seven billion dinars or 61 million euros be “removed” from the position in the budget where the remaining subsidies were. and assigned to the Ministry of Agriculture – Mitrović explains his amendment for the Danas portal.

He says that in this way, 15,000 cows could be bought for farmers in all seven municipalities of the Pčinj district, the purchase of which would cost a total of 37.5 million dinars.

– The cows would be divided into five thousand households, which makes up about 30,000 inhabitants in total, who will be able to earn a monthly income of about 1,000 euros – specified the DS deputy from Vladičin Han.

He suggests that a dairy can be built from the rest of the money, which would process the purchased milk, which could satisfy the needs of local consumers, but also be exported to Bulgaria and North Macedonia.

This amendment by Nenad Mitrović will be voted on in the Serbian Parliament, if it is accepted by the Government of Serbia, Danas writes.