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The network of business angels of the Digital Serbia Initiative has invested one million euros in 10 startups

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Angel investing represents an important boost to the domestic startup ecosystem and provides support to startups in the early stages of development. The network of business angels of the Digital Serbia Initiative (DSI) has made a significant contribution to this, having invested one million euros in 10 domestic startups since its establishment two years ago.

Startups Tapni, Ota Sync, Shopnosis, LeadDelta, B2bee, Ninox / Fuller Vision, EasyPass, Outpost Chess, Neonfunction, and ZenHire have received investments as well as business knowledge, experience, and contacts from angel investors. In addition to the one million euros in investments from angel investors, this group of startups has secured additional investments totaling nine million euros.

“Two years ago, we formed a group without professional investors, but rather successful business people who want to support startup teams at the very beginning when they need it the most and invest so-called smart money.

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The money we invest carries much greater value in the form of our readiness to share our knowledge and open a broad network of contacts that we have built over the years in the global market. I am proud that in just two years, more than 50 angel investors have joined us, and I believe that the results we have achieved open the door for new members,” says one of the investors, Saša Popović, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Digital Serbia Initiative and co-founder of Vega IT.

Early investments are crucial for the Serbian startup ecosystem. Besides financial support for business development, they represent the first confirmation from experienced individuals in the industry that the idea is worthwhile. It serves as a signal for all subsequent investments that the potential has been recognized by a group of successful business people.

“After spending my entire life in the Middle East and Africa, returning to Serbia opened my eyes to the growing startup scene, full of potential for international expansion. My decision to join the Digital Serbia Initiative angel network was a strategic move to immerse myself in this dynamic environment.

In just six months, I invested in two startups and am preparing to add a third to my portfolio. For me as an angel, this experience is educational, expands understanding of investing in startups, and fosters connections with fellow investors.

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My investments are not just financial; they reflect my passion and belief in the potential of startups to cross borders, simultaneously showcasing our country in a positive global light,” stated Nela Lukić, investor, co-founder, and communication strategist at Ajla Consulting.

The portfolio of the Business Angels Network of the Digital Serbia Initiative encompasses various industries such as healthcare, retail, software, education, artificial intelligence, and hospitality. What all startups have in common is that they had a tested minimum viable product (MVP) and initial traction.

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