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The number of online payment users is growing in Serbia - Serbia Business

The number of online payment users is growing in Serbia

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83 percent of respondents in Serbia use online payments over the Internet, which is 22 percent more than the year before the pandemic, according to the latest research. A study by MasterIndex showed that the first choice of users is still domestic online stores – 54 percent, and that trust in the security of online shopping has increased compared to the previous year and amounts to 55 percent.

Of the 83 percent of respondents who use online payments regularly, 13 percent pay online at least once a week, while 41 percent use online payments on a monthly basis, and 46 percent of them once or several times a year.

Research shows that online payments have become an integral part of the financial culture of the citizens of our country and that this type of payment has a constant growth trend.

The fact that the most desirable ways of buying and paying are increasingly moving to the online environment is shown by the fact that almost half of the respondents – (46 percent) pay their monthly bills online, reports Tanjug.

45% of them buy clothes and shoes, 28% buy sports equipment, and 25% buy groceries and household items. Citizens are increasingly visiting online stores to buy electronic devices – 21 percent and furniture – 17 percent.

Also, 55 percent of online shopping users use cards in general, whether they are debit, credit or online prepaid cards.

Cash is used by 48 percent of users, while 42 percent of respondents use e-banking, or m-banking applications as an option to pay for goods and services ordered online, Politika writes.