The position of women on the labor market has improved in Serbia

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Over the past five years, the position of women on the labor market in Serbia has improved, which is reflected in the increase in their employment rate by 9.4%.
Serbia is strategically committed to improving the position of women in the labor market, so that these indicators would be even better, said the Minister of Labor, Employment, Veterans’ Affairs and Social Affairs, Prof. Dr. Darija Kisić Tepavčević, who spoke about women’s entrepreneurship at the Serbian Pavilion within the world exhibition “Expo 2020” in Dubai.
Women’s entrepreneurship in Serbia is an important topic, especially from the aspect of improving the position of women in the labor market, said Minister Kisić Tepavčević, adding that entrepreneurs, regardless of gender, are catalysts for change and represent the energy of knowledge, innovation and creativity.
– With us are more than 100 great women entrepreneurs, who with their education, work, ability represent the face of Serbia that creates and has innovative ideas. We are here to encourage women to start their own business, to hear their experiences, as well as to invite everyone to partnership and cooperation – said Prof. Dr. Kisić Tepavčević emphasized that women are a pillar of the family and that women can also be a very important resource when it comes to economic development of the country.
The new Employment Strategy for the period 2021-2026 and the accompanying Action Plan define measures to improve the position of women in the labor market. The strategy recognizes women as beneficiaries of additional, intensive and integrated support, in order to adequately prepare for efficient entry into the labor market and sustainably strengthen them economically, said Kisić Tepavčević.
The goal of active employment policy measures, including measures for active job search, additional education programs, training, employment subsidies and public works programs, is easier employment and integration into the labor market, added Minister Kisić Tepavčević. According to her, one of the goals is to empower women to enter the labor market in the IT sector, which has quickly recovered from the effects of the crisis caused by the Covid 19 pandemic.
Prof. Dr. Kisić Tepavčević pointed out that Serbia is among the leading countries in the fight for gender equality and that Serbia is the first non-EU country to introduce the Gender Equality Index, as an indicator of the degree of inclusion of women in various spheres of life.
Improved representation of women in institutions
– The Government of the Republic of Serbia is committed to improving gender equality within the reform plan – said Kisić Tepavčević and added that the representation of women in institutions has improved, as evidenced by the fact that the Prime Minister of Serbia is a woman, that there are 10 ministers in the Government of Serbia. 40 percent of women are represented in the republican parliament, and women are the heads of the National Bank of Serbia, the Supreme Court of Cassation.
According to the data of the World Economic Forum for 2020, Serbia occupies a very high 20th place in the field of gender equality, Minister Kisić Tepavčević pointed out, Novosti reports.