The Post of Serbia released postage stamp of advanced technologies into circulation

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The Post of Serbia announced that it released a postage stamp called “Digitalization” today, and the issue contains two stamps with denominations of 20 and 70 cents, which marks the progress made in the development of digital technologies and digitalization in Serbia.
Thus, as it is stated, the Post supports the overall efforts of Serbia to achieve multiple positive changes in the social organization and quality of life of citizens.
“Some of the phenomena of digitalization, connecting with all points on the planet and all people and nations of the world, digital creative industries and new platforms, as new opportunities for interaction and participation, community development and personal development of each individual, are symbolically displayed on postage stamps of this issue,” it is stated in the announcement.
It is added that digitalization in Serbia is being carried out at an accelerated pace, and the advantages of modern technologies and tools resulting from this phenomenon determine the Post of Serbia to prioritize innovative technical-technological and IT solutions in its business and vision of future development.
They are reportedly based on digitization and green technologies, and state-of-the-art digital platforms and devices, which will improve service delivery in the domestic and regional markets and make them more efficient.
On the Day of the Post of Serbia on June 7, the first online store in the Post, e-Philately, of modern design and functionality, for ordering and purchasing editions of stamps and philatelic products of the Post of Serbia, in the country and abroad, opened easily and quickly, Beta reports.