The price of bread grain on the stock exchanges is growing day by day

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The price of bread grain on the stock exchanges is growing day by day. Serbia has enough wheat for its own needs and for export. However, due to the events in Ukraine and the stable supply of the domestic market, during the next week, the state could ban or limit the export of that grain, announced President Vučić.

The citizens of Serbia should not worry about food shortages. Stocks are more than enough, and the announcement of a ban on wheat exports is coming from the top of the state.

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, says that Hungary has already made a decision to ban the export of wheat.

“We have not yet made a decision, but I can announce to you that at some point next week we will make such a decision, but not completely ban, but that you can only export wheat with the permission of the government. But we will allow our mills to work , we will allow the export of flour, because we still have more than we need “, adds Vučić.

As he noted, not only 100 percent of Serbia’s needs will be provided, but also for Albania, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro and a good part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. “They are not asking for large quantities,” says the president.

Product exchange: The price of wheat is growing day by day

The Product Exchange says that the restriction of exports is a measure that should calm the situation on the market.

“The price of wheat is growing day by day. Before the outbreak of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, wheat was 30 dinars without VAT, now it is 35 dinars without VAT. Some of our estimates are that we have about 900,000 tons or million tons in total, if we assume that we need 90,000 tons for flour – we have it covered for about four months, and already in June, July, a new crop arrives “, states Miloš Janjić, director of the Product Exchange.

Zarko Galetin, an agro-economic analyst, points out that exporters may be deprived of quantities that they could possibly export more than usual, given the extremely good price on the international market.

“Producers achieve a good price on the domestic market. This measure should not greatly affect the movement of prices on the domestic market,” Galetin believes.

In autumn, a record area of ​​more than 630,000 hectares was sown with wheat in Serbia, RTS reports.