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The price of electricity on the stock exchanges jumped by 25 percent - Serbia Business

The price of electricity on the stock exchanges jumped by 25 percent

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Ice days have increased the consumption of all energy sources. That pushed the prices. In just one day, the price of electricity on European stock exchanges increased by 25%. Serbia records record gas consumption. And the demand for electricity is jumping sharply, compared to the previous days, it is 10 percent higher. The government says the energy situation in the country is stable.

Due to the thick minus, the heating plants are mostly heated at night as well. The government’s working group for monitoring energy supply says additional quantities of gas have been provided. The electricity system is burdened, but there is enough electricity for both households and the economy, because the lack of production from thermal power plants is covered by imports.

“Consumption in Serbia before the beginning of these icy days was around 120,000 megawatt hours on average. Since yesterday, it has jumped significantly, so yesterday it was around 27,000, and today we expect it to be around 130,000 at the level of the day that is closer to us. “Some of the electricity is imported, which is about 10 percent, and the needs are met and the needs are met,” said Aleksandar Kurčubić, executive director for management and market at EMS.

Due to low temperatures, the demand for electricity is increasing in the entire region. Heavy snowfall left parts of Greece without electricity. High consumption has again heated up European power exchanges.

“As of yesterday, we have a price change of some 25 percent higher prices of electricity on the stock exchanges. So somewhere at the moment the price is about 330 euros per megawatt hour in almost all countries in Europe. There is no problem with electricity shortage, there is enough energy production is very high due to high gas prices “, says energy expert in” Diliot “Zeljko Markovic.

In the midst of the energy crisis, European consumers fear that the growing political gap between the West and Russia will further jeopardize gas supplies and prices. Gazprom claims that deliveries are regular, but also warns that European warehouses are almost empty. The European Union does not hide that it is looking for other suppliers.

“America believes that gas is Russia’s weapon in Europe. And it is really true that Europe consumes 40 percent of Russian gas. That is a very large amount. That is 200 billion cubic meters of gas a year,” says economist and former diplomat Srecko Djukic.

The energy crisis has not bypassed other parts of the world. Iraq is facing restrictions amid severe cold – Baghdad residents have been without electricity for 20 hours. And due to a breakdown in the transmission system, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan have power outages.