The price of pellets is 330 euros, Srbijasume is accusing the producers

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Summer temperatures have largely arrived, and instead of where and how it will cool down, citizens are more worried about whether there will be heating during the winter. Pellets can be a strategic product, according to the producers of this energy source. However, its price is also rising. The head of Srbijasuma accuses the producers of that and suggests freezing the prices. The producers answer that this public company did not deliver the agreed quantities of wood and that this is one of the reasons for the rise in prices.

Pellet producers believe that this fuel could revolutionize the planting of fast-growing trees. The company Srbijasume has been declared an energy company.

It all sounds like a successful start to overcoming the energy crisis caused by the war in Ukraine. The reality is different though.

Pellet prices are already rising. Thus, one ton is around 240 euros in wholesale, while the price that citizens pay is 330 euros, but also over that – although we are separated from the heating season by almost two seasons.

As for the raw material, one ton of pellets is needed for one ton of pellets. A maximum of 8,000 dinars is needed to produce one ton of pellets. The amount we direct to pellet producers is enough to supply all consumers in Serbia at the moment. “, said the acting director of Srbijasuma, Igor Braunović, as a guest on TV Prva.

The accusations of the acting director of Srbijašum that the producers of pellets unjustifiably raised their prices are unfounded and incorrect, say the Group for Renewable Energy Sources at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

One of the largest producers of pellets explains that since the beginning of the year, they have received only 42 percent of the agreed amount of wood, and that the Public Company Srbijasume owes them 40,000 cubic meters of wood, which is over 20,000 tons of pellets, Nova reports.

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