The prices of rental apartments are constantly rising

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These are apartments of 50 square meters.

The prices of rental apartments are constantly rising, which is starting to cause discomfort not only for those who are currently looking for a new apartment, but also for those who have been living as tenants for years.

Additionally, landlords are taking advantage of the real estate market and investing in prices quite a bit. Some are raising prices overnight, using information that many citizens are coming from Russia and Ukraine.

If you do not have a contract, you are not protected as a tenant.  The best solution for tenants is to protect themselves with paper. If they entered into a contract with the landlord before moving into the apartment, in addition to the fact that the contract states which figure should be paid each month,  there is also the time period of stay in the apartment.

There are few locations where there has been no increase in rental prices, so it is so, and when it comes to which apartments are rented out first.

One-bedroom apartments,  ie those up to 35 square meters,  are also the most sought after.

The price of three-room apartments reached the figure of over 800 euros on Savski Venac in March. In Vracar, a 70-square-meter can be rented for 700 , while in the Old Town he needed 690 euros for a month.

In New Belgrade, landlords are asking 550 euros for three-room apartments,  while the rent in Rakovica is 330 euros for Istra . A little further, in Grocka, such an apartment can be found for 220 euros.

Two- bedroom apartments are also in demand,  and their price is something between one-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments.  Thus, it costs around 640 euros in Savki Venac, 500 in Vracar, and 420 in New Belgrade.

It should be noted that these are apartments with an area of ​​about 50 square meters, Srbija Danas writes.