The Serbian Parliament voted to rebalance the budget

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Deputies of the Serbian Parliament adopted today the rebalancing of the budget for this year, in which the total revenues and receipts of the state treasury amount to 1,709.5 billion dinars. 144 deputies voted for the budget rebalancing, and 52 deputies voted against.

The proposed amendment to the Law on the Budget for 2022 foresees total revenues and incomes in the amount of 1,709.5 billion dinars. Tax revenues planned by the budget rebalancing are 1,490.6 billion dinars, non-tax revenues are 199.7 billion dinars, and expenditures are 1,988.5 billion dinars. 419.2 billion dinars, or 5.9 percent of GDP, were set aside for capital investments, while at the level of the general government, that figure is around 512.7 billion dinars, or 7.2 percent of GDP.

Speaking about the rebalancing of the budget, Minister of Finance Sinisa Mali said that it will fulfill two important promises, one to young people and the other to pensioners.

“With the rebalancing, funds will be provided for the payment of 5,000 dinars each to young people aged 16 to 29, for which six billion dinars are necessary. Funds will also be provided for the increase of pensions, and the first of nine percent will be received by the oldest in December, when they will be paid November pensions”, Mali said.

He reminded that from January 1, the oldest will receive another increase of 12.1 percent. He stated that through the rebalancing of this year’s budget, 5.4 billion dinars will be provided for the continuation of construction work on the Belgrade Metro. Mali pointed out that the country is struggling to provide enough energy for the winter and stated that we have 380 million cubic meters of gas in two warehouses in Hungary, and 280 million cubic meters in the warehouse in Banatski Dvor.

“That is enough for us for two months, even if all gas flows to Serbia are stopped”, said Minister Mali.

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