The state pays another 100 euros

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The Government of Serbia has already issued the first decision on granting state aid for mothers of 20,000 euros for the purchase of the first real estate, and the date when another category of Serbian citizens will receive a one-time financial aid of 100 euros is getting closer.

Namely, the new 100 euros of state aid for young people will arrive in a little over a month, and the application for those who have not received this type of aid so far will start in exactly three weeks. Let us remind you, at the beginning of February this year, young people were paid financial aid of 100 euros, and soon that much more will arrive.

As previously announced, the new 100 euros will be paid to them in June, during the first three days of the month.

All young people aged 16 to 29 are entitled to assistance . The list of those who meet the conditions will include practically everyone who turns 16 by the end of May or those who acquire Serbian citizenship by then.

The application process will look like this:

If you have already applied for the previous aid of 100 euros that the state paid to young people, a new application will not be needed. The exceptions are those who have since turned 16 or obtained citizenship.

Registration for the others will be between May 16 and 31. The application is done electronically, through the portal of the Treasury Administration, and the whole process is simple.

– In the application, it will be necessary to state the ID number, JMBG and the choice of account in the bank where you want to receive 100 euros. If that person does not have a bank account, he chooses only the name of the bank, and we will open an account in that bank on his behalf, and he will be able to withdraw that money with his personal document – Finance Minister Sinisa Mali said earlier.

Let us remind you, the first state aid for young people of 100 euros started with the payment on February 1, and then about 1,017,000 young people received the money, Kurir reports.