The state subsidizes the installation of solar panels

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The conditions for granting subsidies are the same in all local governments. The money is allocated for the purchase of panels whose power does not exceed 6 kW.

Interest in the installation of solar panels is growing due to the energy crisis, and from this year the state subsidizes the installation and everyone who applies will be able to receive up to 50 percent of the total investment, ie. at most 420,000 dinars.

At the end of May, ten local self-governments in Serbia announced a public call for subsidies for the installation of solar panels, and now the list is longer for another self-government, the city of CaCak. Part of the money for that project (100 million dinars in total) was provided by the Ministry of Mining and Energy, and a total of 37 local governments received it. All of them are obliged to provide the same amount of money they receive from the ministry, so that a total of around 200 million dinars will be available to the citizens.

The cost of building panels that can produce from 1,500 to 7,250 kilowatts (kW) per year is up to 5,000 euros. You should also pay attention to the roof area, which is necessary, in the case of this example, about 30 square meters. So, everyone who receives a subsidy and decides to install a solar power plant, which can supply you with 30 to 70 percent of daily electricity consumption, the state will provide half, that is 2,500 euros.


The conditions for granting subsidies are the same in all local governments. The money is allocated for the purchase of panels whose power does not exceed 6 kW. In case they decide for a power plant of higher power, the household pays only the difference from the total value of the works. The subsidy also includes the purchase of equipment, as well as the services of installation and preparation of technical documentation.

Households are selected based on 4 criteria: Condition of external walls; heating method; characteristics of exterior carpentry; factor K of occupied area for the building (quotient of the total area of ​​the residential building from the tax return and the number of users of that building). Also, those houses that have PVC joinery and that are insulated have an advantage.

As far as the applicant is concerned, he must be the owner of the facility, or have a residence permit on the same as the consent of the owner of the facility. One of the conditions is that the consumption on the last bill was at least 30 kilowatt-hours (kWh).

Status acquisition procedure

The entire procedure for acquiring the status of buyer-producer can be found on the website of Elektrodistribucija. It is necessary to submit a request that contains information about the future customer-producer and his intention to hand over the produced energy to the supplier, and the installation of the panel requires the supervision of a licensed engineer.

In order to connect to the system, citizens should contact their supplier with whom they have concluded a contract for electricity supply and submit a request for the conclusion of the contract and immediately inform Elektrodistribucija about the concluded contract.

Within 5 days, the system operator is obliged to connect the panels to the system and to inform the customer when he will do so. When authorized persons appear, citizens are obliged to submit a statement from the contractor on the spot that the panels have been installed in accordance with the technical rules. After that, all that remains is to connect to the network and enter the customer-manufacturer in the register, Mondo reports.