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The Swiss program continues to help citizens and local governments in Serbia

The co-financing program of 21 municipalities in Serbia for projects concerning the involvement of citizens in deciding on spending funds raised through property taxes is continuing.
In accordance with the current circumstances, the epidemiological situation and the declaration of a state of emergency, the support implementation plan will be partially modified.
A fund of 16.5 million dinars for projects proposed by local self-governments in consultation with citizens is available to municipalities as soon as they themselves say they are ready and ready to use it.
“We know that priorities are different for all of us now. But after this, life should continue where it left off. Our proposal for the municipalities we work with is to involve citizens in this situation in the municipal decision-making process differently than they envisioned. They can do this electronically, through social networks, the municipality’s website, by direct telephone connection… We will support and assist municipalities in finding the best possible way in this situation”, says Dr. Branisav Milic, an expert on the Swiss Government’s program “Property Tax Reform”, which implements this municipal co-financing program.
He added that the proposals submitted by the municipalities were divided into three groups, namely the development of a citizen’s guide to the budget and the budget portal, then support for projects for social and gender equality, as well as support for specific projects for which citizens submitted their proposals.
“The largest number of municipalities, 13 of them, have decided to support projects for which citizens submit their proposals. The most money, 83 thousand euros, for projects proposed by citizens will be allocated by Uzice. To that amount of money, the property tax reform program will donate another 25 thousand euros to the town of Uzice. In the same relationship, we will support the remaining municipalities”, explains dr. Branislav Milic.
The plan so far has been to complete all projects by the end of this year, but smaller delays are possible if needed.
The municipalities that have applied for participation in the program and cooperation with citizens are Trstenik, Svilajnac, Bor, Batocina, Raca, Uzice, Mali Zvornik, Sombor, Poplar, Ljubovija, Apatin, Rekovac, Kula, Nova Varos, Cuprija, Bac, Vrnjacka Banja , Vlasotince, Pirot, Vranje and Bojnik, Danas reports.