There are more counterfeit dollars than euros in Serbia

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Every fourth counterfeit banknote discovered in Serbia last year was the US dollar, according to the annual report of the National Bank of Serbia.

The most common are dinar counterfeits, of which 2,794 pieces or 58.3 percent were discovered, followed by 1,200 counterfeit dollar banknotes, and then 632 euro banknotes or 13.1 percent.

The value of counterfeit dollars in the sum is 100,000, and among them the most common was the denomination of 100 dollars, which 1,053 pieces were discovered in a year. Such dollar bills were discovered by 140 less than the record in 2015, but by 1,007 more than in 2020.
Among the detected dinar counterfeits, almost every other banknote is a thousandth, followed by denominations of two thousand (31.9 percent) and 500 dinars (16.8 percent). With the euro, the most detected counterfeits were in the 50 and 200 euro banknotes.

The value of all detected forgeries was 24.4 million dinars, of which 11.7 million or 47.8 percent fell to the dollar, 021 writes.