There is a possibility of a salary increase in Serbia

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The Minister of Finance, Sinisa Mali, stated tonight that we are currently “still in the implementation of the third economic program of support to citizens and the economy”.
“Last year, we implemented two programs worth a total of 8 billion euros and saved our economy, not only the health of our citizens through the purchase of vaccines, respirators, the construction of two new Covid hospitals, but also the fact that we managed to avoid mass layoffs and factory closures,” he said.
He also pointed out that the state has currently paid assistance in the form of 50 percent of the three minimum wages, 30 euros to all citizens, 60 euros to all unemployed, and has paid 100 euros to citizens in Kosovo and Metohija and 200 euros to those living there, and they have no job.
“What is still waiting for us to fulfill in July and August is the payment of the full minimum wage for those who work in the field of catering, tourism. And of course in the fall 50 euros for all pensioners and an additional 30 euros,” said Minister Mali.
He emphasized that the state has shown itself to be serious and efficient and that the growth rate will be higher than expected, so he announced an increase in salaries.
“We expect a growth rate of 6% this year, it will be more than that, which means for citizens not only that we will have more money for highways, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, but also that we will have room to increase salaries.”
He added that in 2012, the average salary in our country was 329 euros, and now it is 565 euros, so he revealed how much it will go.
“We will also go for 600, 700 euros. Our policy is related to the growth of the living standard of the citizens of Serbia. I think that sometime in September and October we will have good news for all citizens of Serbia,” concluded Mali as a guest on the show “Hit Tweet” on TV Pink.
“We invest a lot in the military and we will invest even more”.
Sinisa Mali also commented on today’s military exercise “Lightning Strike 2021” at the temporary training ground Pester near Sjenica.
He said that all the strength of the Serbian Army in deterring possible aggression on our territory was shown at that exercise, and he emphasized that Serbia could not have such an army without a strong economy.
Mali said that as a citizen he was impressed by what the Serbian Army presented today and emphasized that investments in the army would continue.
“It’s a completely different army, if you look at the equipment and the people, it’s a completely different picture of our country,” said Mali.
He reminded that at the time when President Aleksandar Vucic was the Minister of Defense, the Serbian Army had two MiG-21s, which they called “coffins”.
“It had one MiG-29 that couldn’t take off, and today you had a chance to see 11 MiG-29s, fully armed, fourth plus generation. Each of those MiGs, with all the weapons, costs between 90 and 100 million. We could not have this kind if we did not have a strong economy,” said Mali.
He emphasized that Serbia is a military neutral country and that it wants to hold joint exercises in alliances and to have good economic cooperation with everyone, as well as to remain a factor of peace and stability in the region.
He also reminded of the salaries in the Army, and stated that the March salary was 17.6 percent higher than in November, despite the coronavirus pandemic.
“We are investing a lot in the army and we will invest even more,” Mali said.
He also referred to the criticism regarding the creation of the budget every year, which, as he said, comes from the Fiscal Council and from abroad due to large investments in the army.
“Serbia invests in everything, we have money despite the corona, our public finances are stable, public debt in relation to GDP is below 60 percent, there is no inflation, no exchange rate changes… We invest in what is a priority for us, and the priority is infrastructure. Roads, hospitals, an increase in the living standard of the citizens of Serbia, an increase in salaries and pensions, but also an investment in our army. We will not give up on this strategy,” Mali said.
He added that it was a defense mechanism in order for Serbia to protect its territory and to avoid entering “some wars that were in the past”.
“Let’s avoid what Vucic said – that any Serbian child should return in a coffin. That is a picture he does not want to see while he is president, and that speaks enough in favor of wanting cooperation, we want to talk and talk, but there is the border and this army of ours guards that border,” concluded Mali, B92 reports.