There is enough food in the reserves

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Assistant Minister of Trade Jasmin Hodžić said today that there is enough food in stock in the commodity reserves and the Dean of the Faculty of Economics Zaklina Stojanović claims that the quantities available on the market are “far greater”, which he said citizens should know in order to dispel suspicion or spread fear of food shortages.

Hodzic told Insider TV that Serbia imports the most “some raw materials and energy” and that it will be a challenge for the “next period”, stating that no one can determine the exact “next period” and that no one can predict how “certain things” will unfold in the political sense.

“What we certainly have and it seems to me that we will have that perspective is food and agricultural products. “We are one of the 10 perhaps largest countries in Europe in terms of grain production, but what is the key point is how we should manage those surpluses,” he said.

According to him, “Serbia has wheat in a month and a half, salt in two to three months, rice in a month and a half, oil in two months, and beans in one month.”

Stojanovic stated that Serbia has a stable supply of cereals, and pointed out that “we export low-quality wheat, at the same time we import high-quality wheat in order to get quality grain that can later be used for production in the food industry.”

“I want to talk about opportunity costs, lost income – what would happen if we could offer wheat that is used for industrial purposes, and not as animal feed,” said Stojanovic, assessing that this is the main topic.

She said that food is not just an economic or social category, adding that food is a political-security category.

“Every country must have a strategy that is related to the supply of food in crisis situations that may arise. Now we are on the threshold of the so-called. absolute crises where we have no influence on the course of events and in such a situation we depend exclusively on what we produce, on our producers, “said Stojanovic, Danas reports.