Through the port in Novi Sad, goods from Serbia and the region will be transferred to the world

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Thanks to the new concept of water transport through the port of Novi Sad and Constanta to Jabel Ali in Dubai, companies from Serbia, the region and the EU will be able to supply their products to the whole world, announced the President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce Marko Cadez in Dubai today.
He announced this after a meeting with the president of DP World, Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, who owns the port of Novi Sad.
“Thanks to DP World, Serbia is becoming part of the world logistics map and a new concept that we have not had so far in Eastern and Central Europe, and that is that through the connection of the port of Novi Sad, through Constanta, we will have a fantastic connection with the world,” said Cadez.
According to the president of PKS, Serbian companies, companies from the entire region, but also Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria will be able to use this much more efficient, much faster and more competitive route compared to the others.
Cadez thanked the Government of Serbia, the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, the President and Prime Minister of Serbia, who had a vision to start this project to return Serbia, as he said, not only to the Danube, rivers, but also to supply the world with its products.
“Serbia is an important country that has good economic relations with the UAE thanks to the leaders of the two countries, it is well positioned, because it has rivers and we understood the importance of the port of Novi Sad for the development of intermodal transport, as well as connecting it with our port in Constanta. For centuries, rivers have been important for the transportation of goods and trade. This will revive those trade routes. This is just the beginning,” Bin Sulayem said.
He expects that connecting rail, river transport and connecting with seaports will significantly contribute to cost savings and the development of business and competitiveness of companies.
“It simply came to our notice. DP World is present in many ports in Europe, but also in Africa, America in the Middle and Far East. That gives us great opportunities for cooperation, as well as to include Serbia in our logistics routes, and the connection with the port of Constanta will enable that,” Bin Sulayem added.
Currently, most companies do business with the UAE via the port of Rijeka, but transport via the ports of Novi Sad and Constanta would be more favorable.
The meeting was also attended by Veljko Kovacevic, Assistant Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, and the interlocutors agreed that the improvement of port traffic through the port of Novi Sad will positively affect the export and business of companies from Serbia and the Western Balkans and EU countries.
As it was pointed out, large investments in agriculture and food production, chemical industry, electronics, automobile industry, growth of production and exports are expected in the region of the Western Balkans, and all that must be accompanied by safe, sustainable and reliable transport.
Using the port of Jabel Ali as a logistics platform and hub for Serbian companies, as well as companies in the region, would significantly contribute to strengthening business ties and increasing exports and trade with the UAE, other Middle East countries, the Indian subcontinent, sub-Saharan Africa, Nova reports.