Tickets for the Soko fast train at the counters are on sale from Monday

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Promotional rides of the high-speed train “Soko” for passenger traffic on the route Belgrade – Novi Sad are in progress, and citizens can buy tickets at the counters only from Monday, the reporter was told at the Belgrade Center Railway Station (Prokop).

Earlier, the portal was informed through the call center “Serbia Train” that ticket sales will start today or tomorrow. At the Prokop station, it was explained to us that this probably refers to electronic sales.

The “Interest” fast train will depart from Prokop to Novi Sad and will stop only in New Belgrade. The drive to Novi Sad will take 35 minutes.

The price of a one-way ticket during the promotional period will be 300 dinars.

The “Interest” train, which is also the fastest, will run five times a day, while the “Regio Express” train will run four times, and the “Regio” train, which will stop at all stations, nine times a day, Nova reports.

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