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Tigar represented products from recycled tires

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Tigar ad in the International Construction Fair in Belgrade presented a group of products which are widely used in construction.

Factories within the Pirot corporation presented the fair visitors and local public safety program designed for rubber footwear to employees in construction and set of products from chemical paint and varnish intended for the construction industry. From the factory of rubber goods, the local public for the first time presented a wide range of products made from recycled tires, of which a significant part of the application and construction.

The greatest interest among the visitors was the tiger stand for plates made from recycled rubber, designed for developing children’s playground, then the sports fields of recycled rubber and rubber format, which is used for sound and thermal insulation in construction, light barriers and a buffer against noise in fence off the highway, landfill and for waterproofing, as protection against vibrations or shocks, for covering walls and floors of the factory hall.

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According to Goran Jovanovic, the director TTRG, the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčTigar is to continually inform and educate the public about the importance of using products made from recycled rubber, which are included in future products.

-Based products from recycled rubber, which created the recycling of old tires, which are making major contributions to environmental protection, easily installed, have excellent insulation properties and high resistance to weathering and chemical resistance, and the recipe is adjusted to the required properties of flexibility, the depreciation shocks, friction and therefore, in developed countries largely used for covering and protection of squares, sidewalks, walkways, parking lots, yards of schools, nurseries, kindergartens, public institutions, hall sports hall, the space around the pool etc, Jovanovic said.

At this year’s Tiger introduced the construction industry and a group of new products from recycled rubber – boards, lawn and curbs made from recycled tires, as well as products that are used in road infrastructure, the P-rate, or the popular “speed bumps and pillars.

After presenting the construction fair in Belgrade, TTRG perform at fairs and road infrastructure and buildings in Istanbul and Amsterdam.


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