Together to solve the problems of the economy affected by the crisis in Ukraine

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Today, the Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabić and the President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC) Marko Cadež talked with representatives of the largest companies doing business with the Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian markets about opportunities to maintain business and solve problems caused by the crisis in Ukraine.

Representatives of the companies, with gratitude for the quick reaction of PKS and organizing this meeting, informed the state leadership about the problems they face in their daily business with Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, and those are primarily transport of goods, procurement of raw materials and payments. We have excellent communication with the President of Serbia, the Prime Minister, the ministries and we are all trying to react as soon as possible. Concrete proposals were presented, starting from the preservation of the construction material industry to the export of fruits and vegetables. We must help the economy to find alternative markets both for the placement of its goods and for the import of raw materials, “said the president of the PKS.

Prime Minister Brnabić pointed out that the Government of Serbia is here to listen to businessmen, to analyze the situation together and agree on the next steps, so that the economy, even in these difficult conditions, will continue to do business. She also reminded that the Government of Serbia is forming working groups for various areas with the aim of protecting citizens and the economy.

It was agreed to hold regular meetings, direct, daily, communication and exchange of information from the field between the SCC, companies, ministries and the Prime Minister’s Office in order to find alternative solutions in the dialogue and overcome challenges.

The meeting in the Palace of Serbia was also attended by the Governor of the National Bank of Serbia Jorgovanka Tabaković, Ministers of Finance, Transport, Trade, Innovation Siniša Mali, Tomislav Momirović, Tatjana Matić, Nenad Popović, State Secretary at the Ministry of Economy Dragan Stevanović.

PKS President Marko Čadež called on all businessmen affected by the crisis in Ukraine to contact the Chamber of Commerce to help them with the transport of goods, payment transactions and other problems.

“We hope that this will not last long. It is important that we are all together and look for solutions. We have to think about other markets as well, because the consequences are already being felt. Today’s discussion with government representatives was extremely good, the proposals were excellent and we will continue the talks next week, “said Rade Ljubojevic, the owner of the Sirogojno company.

Miroslav Nikolic, director of the company Srboexport, points out that the transport of goods through Poland and Belarus is currently passable to Russia, but the problem is the return because there are huge crowds from Russia to Poland and that alternative routes have been discussed, Vesti Online reports.