Turkish and Serbian medical systems Acibadem and Bel Medic are integrated

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By signing the agreement in Belgrade, the integration of two medical systems was made official – Turkish Acibadem, one of the largest hospital chains in the world, and Bel Medic, a Serbian private hospital, Bel Medic announced. The contract was signed by the owners and founders of Bel Medic, Jasmina and Milan Knezevic, and the owner and founder of Acibadem, Mehmet Ali Aidinlar.

Thus, Acibadem became the majority owner of Bel Medic, which will operate under the name “Acibadem Bel Medic” in the future, and the co-owner and general director, as before, will be Dr. Jasmina Knezevic.

Knezevic expressed satisfaction that Bel Medic has become a partner in a chain of world-class hospitals.

“This is a new beginning for Bel Medic, a great success and we will all progress together. We want to make medicine and Bel Medic a success story that will benefit both patients and Serbia,” said Dr. Knezevic after signing the contract, adding that one of the plans is to expel medical staff through the educational center and the Faculty of Acibadem.

Acibadem owner and founder Mehmet Ali Aidinlar said that this is a big deal and expressed confidence that health services in Serbia will be raised to a much higher level thanks to the synergy that will be created in Acibadem’s cooperation with Bel Medic.

“We worked hard to bring the story to life. The business will be managed by Ms. Jasmina Knezevic, and we will help her improve her business and offer even better health services in Serbia. We want healthcare in Serbia to progress and I am happy that we are becoming partners,” Aidinlar emphasized.

The strategic merger of two strong brands such as Acibadem and Bel Medic will bring world medicine closer to the citizens of Serbia and contribute to the Serbian economy.

Acibadem Healthcare Group has been operating in Turkey since 1991. The system operates globally in Northern Macedonia, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, and now in Serbia, with 21 hospitals, 13 outpatient centers, more than 4,200 beds, with over 22,500 employees and 4,000 doctors.

Bel Medic was founded in 1995 by Jasmina and Milan Knezevic. It consists of a hospital with a maternity hospital, an operating room, an angio-room, intensive care units and apartments, as well as four outpatient facilities. It employs more than 800 doctors, N1 reports.